Resonance is the key word

By Sonus Sanator on Jan 17, 2018 in Binaural & Isochronic Tones , Brainwaves , Harmony & Health , Healing Frequencies , Sound Healing , vibration - 0 Comments

Love, music and nature offer the most sublime and uplifting possibilities of resonance. To activate a resonance with higher aspects of oneself there are many circumstances in everyday life, such as listening to beautiful music, meeting an ispiring person, being moved by the beauty of an unusual landscape, enjoying the sunset etc..

When this resonance is blocked we suffer; we are out of balance with the higher aspects of ourselves. Resonance is the most important principle of sound healing and has various definitions. It can be described as the frequency of vibration that is most natural for healing humans or animals, it affects specific organs such as the lungs, liver or heart. This kind of resonance is known as the primate resonance.

The art of sound healing is to create a resonance between the higher self and the body. Healing with a sound is about playing music in a way that enables that human beings, nature and cosmos can come into healing harmony. This can only happen if we respect the reality of the Laws of nature and Cycles of the Universe.

When we talk about vibrational medicine, a major question arises – Do all people vibrate at the same frequency? The answer to this is unknown and it might be that the frequencies of different people vary. This could be an explanation as to why different instruments with different frequencies all seem to succeed. Different methods are used by different practitioners to test and determine the proper frequencies. Some use kinesiology (muscle testing), others pendulums or radionics. There is even a system of sound healing which uses a method of determining missing frequencies found in the voice (by having the client speak into a voice analyzer) which when added (via listening to a tape) will supposedly restore the body to a state of health.

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