CBD Best Pair 2x 18% (24g)

    CEBEDIN 18%

    The cannabinoids of the CBD group are obtained by processing hemp with geographically and ecologically controlled origins and following strict quality standards. Hemp resin is obtained through CO2 extraction, which allows the product to contain other cannabinoids in addition to the CBD in its purest form. To obtain hemp resin (pulp), we use industrial hemp, which makes the THC caninoid exist in only residual amount.

    Oil composition CBD Cebedin – 18%:
    Hemp Resin (CBD)
    Coconut oil

    12 g / 14ml 18% Hemp resin contains:
    THC: <0.2%
    CBD / CBDa – 18% (2200 mg) 1 g resin contains 183 mg CBD
    Other Ingredients: CBG, CBN, Terpeni, Phenols, Flavonoids

    The product is 100% natural.

    Price: €299

    Shipping: €5.90

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