CBD Oil 2,5% (10ml)

    CEBEDIN 10ml

    – The content of CBD – 2.5%
    – Production of cannabis resin – extraction of CO2.
    – Maximum quality

    This product is composed of hemp resin (cannabinoids) and by hemp seed oil. The product contains 2,5% cannabidiol – called CBD. THC exists only in trace amounts.

    No side effects
    CBD oil is produced from industrial hemp, and psychoactive cannabinoid content is observed only in trace amounts. There is, therefore, no type of intoxication.

    100% Natural
    All components of the product are carefully selected and certified as organic. Your product therefore has no pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for the use of synthetic / chemical fertilizers.

    10 ml of 2.5% CBD oil contains:
    THC – <0.2%
    CBD / CBDa – 2,5% (250mg) one drop 1mg CBD / CBDa

    Produced in Austria (EU).

    Price: €25

    Shipping: €5.90


    Canna Sanator October 30th, 2018

    NO STOCK- unavailable!

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