Sleep Sync

Having trouble sleeping ?

BEFORE YOU CAN FALL ASLEEP, your brain and your body both need to be ready for sleep.  But instead of being able to unwind and slip into sleep mode easily, your head may be a buzz with ideas, thoughts, worries, concerns, or memories.

Or perhaps you feel like you’ve got a clear head, but for some annoying reason your body is just out of sync, and you feel so restless and can’t get comfortable in your bed, tossing and turning …on your back, laying on your right side, then the left, flipping the pillow trying to find the sweet spot?

SLEEP SYNC USES SPECIALIST AUDIO RECORDINGS containingbrainwave entrainment tones and pulses, combined with volume modulation effects.  These recordings have been embedded into deeply soothing music soundtracks, which have been carefully crafted to induce sleep.

By combining these powerful effects of brainwave entrainment tones and pulses, with these amazingly relaxing sleep soundtracks, you literally have to fight to stay awake when you listen to them, and you’ll quickly find yourself drifting off to sleep within minutes.


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