Piano Play by Chords

With our unique program you will learn:

Within minutes how to play easily any song in any style!
How to accompany your family and friends when you sing together.
How to play piano solo – combining melody with chords, while solving coordination difficulties.
How to play Pop, Blues, Ballads, Rock, Bossa Nova and much more….

And the No. 1 Youtube piano tutor – David Yzhaki – with 30 million views and 74,000 subscribers(!!) will personally teach you how to play the piano.


  • Piano chords for beginners – Rock, Pop, Reggae and more!
  • Explore Chords with unique voicings – Welcome to the world of Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova and more…
  • How to play the melody together with the chords.
  • Learn how to improvise with a special and unique method
  • Learn music theory in an interesting and practical way!
  • Piano by Ear – How to play a song you love without sheet music!
  • Christmas songs – Solo! Learn quickly how to play the most popular Christmas songs in solo version. The right hand plays the melody and the left plays the accompaniment.


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Piano-by-Chords comes with a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Try our courses for 60 days and we are sure that you will find them excellent and cost effective. However, if you are not completely convinced about our product and wish to return it, you have our 60 days guarantee to return your money, with no hard feelings. All you have to do is send us a request, and we will make a full refund immediately.